Game Review: Fable III

While Fable 3 has been out for a while for the Xbox, the third installment in the Fable series wasn’t released for the PC until this last March. This game starts with you leading a revolt against the King of Albion, your brother.

Your brother is an evil monarch that taxes his citizens into poverty and people claim he has gotten worse over the last four years. It isn’t long before the player is placed in an impossible position where he must decide between the lesser of two evils. This leads you to begin your revolution, as you conspire with the various factions of Albion to overthrow its ruler.
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The Road to E3 2011

Odds are that you are already hearing the buzz in the media regarding E3 2011 and all the big video game announcements that are no doubt forthcoming. Monday morning will begin with big press conferences from industry big dogs and Sprawl’s Scrawl will be there representing IGN Entertainment’s Vault Network division, which focuses exclusively on MMOs and RPGs.

Stay tuned to the otherwise slow moving Vault Hub, located at, or just bookmark this site for the updates each evening after we wander around the show floor interviewing all of the MMO and RPG players. This is pretty much the big main event for the entire industry cram packed into a few days of non-stop entertainment.
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Game Review: Fallout New Vegas Honest Hearts

The second DLC update to last year’s RPG of the year Fallout New Vegas was released this weekend despite recent proximity to Fable 3’s PC debut as well as The Witcher 2, which both came out earlier this month.

For a mere $10, Honest Hearts will increase your Fallout New Vegas level cap another 5 levels, as well as add another 4 or so hours of content that takes place in Utah’s glorious Zion National Park. This park located north of the Mohave Desert is known for its most prominent feature, a 15-mile wide canyon carved deep within the reddish and tan-colored Navajo Sandstone by the North Fork of the Virgin River; the perfect place for our second expansion pack. Read more

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