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Grand Opening of New IGN Site for RIFT

Yesterday was the grand opening of the new IGN Rift Kingdom, your one stop shop for everything RIFT. If you are new to the game, RIFT is an upcoming MMO game from Trion Worlds, tentatively scheduled for early 2011, with a beta upcoming in a few weeks. Be sure to swing by our Wiki for more information on the game and to get acquainted with the elaborate backstory of dark magic, betrayal, and war.

IGN’s Rift Kingdom is run by some of the same people you know and love from the Vault with yours truly at the helm as Site Manager. That’s right IGN fans, the same hard work and dedication that you’ve been accustomed to around the Vault Network has now jumped on over to IGN-proper to bring you the latest news, killer gaming guides, and one of the most comprehensive Wikis found anywhere in Telara!

Make no mistake, this site is Powered by Sprawl’s Scrawl and we can certainly use your support. Contact me if you plan on playing RIFT and are looking to help out!

Game Review: Call of Duty Black Ops

I hate military shooters. These games have never really been that great, are highly repetitive, and largely stereotypically. I tried to stay away from the latest in the Call of Duty line of games, but with the record-breaking sales numbers and the gross media hype, it would have been neglectful to have not given the seventh game of the Call of Duty line a try. Believe it or not, I had fun. Playing Call of Duty: Black Ops’ single-player campaign felt like I was the star of a military feature film; the Matt Damon, if you will, of video games!

Joking aside, that is how the single-player campaign plays out. You are the star of an episodic made-for-tv psychological thriller. Most of the time you play the role of Alex Mason, ex-military special ops badass that is being mind-probed by some apparently unknown assailant. This allows you to re-live a number of Mason’s memories in the form of 15 episodes that make-up the 9-hour rollercoaster ride through the Cold War Era.
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Game Review: Fallout New Vegas

Our adventures in New Vegas starts with a murder – your murder – shot and left for dead in a shallow grave outside of GoodSprings, Nevada. If it weren’t for a robot named Victor, you would have never recovered. Nursed to health by the local Doc, it isn’t long before you wake up primed on revenge. This sets the stage for the next 50 plus hours of game play as you run all across the Mohave Desert in search of a wise guy in a blue checkered suit, the last thing you saw while looking down the barrel of a gun.

Fallout New Vegas does not continue where its predecessor left off. This isn’t an expansion or even a part 2 of the storyline. While New Vegas takes place chronologically after our previous adventures in the Capital Wasteland, the Mohave Wasteland sports all new characters, all new storyline, and a whole new futuristic post-apocalyptic world that is now stuck in a Dean Martin 1950’s era after nuclear destruction forever changed the land.
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