I’m a few months late with this update, and promise my one reader that it won’t happen again! In order to make sure this blog remains the one-stop-shop for my written work, here is the coverage I did for this year’s San Diego ComicCon.

While a haven for geeks, ComicCon as the name suggests doesn’t typically cater to gamers as much as some of the other conventions. Of course, it is hard to talk entertainment without mentioning some games, and as such, a few of the big boys had MMO games on display at this year’s convention in San Diego.

Sony Online Entertainment had a sizeable floor display showcasing DC Universe and some of the latest content patches released. Likewise, NCSoft was present with their City of Heroes Freedom, the new free-to-play version, and a 30-minute playable demo for the upcoming Guild Wars 2. This is ComicCon though, so there really was little interest in these games, and our IGN press pass was not needed to try out these demos. The only MMO that seemed to really gather the crowds was Star Wars: The Old Republic. So let’s work our way backwards and start with our 20-minute hands-on with this highly anticipated release!

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