Stephen "Sprawl" RussellStephen “Sprawl” Russell began his first adventures in online gaming at the age of 14 when he found his father’s America Online account. Having previously played text-based role-playing games like Microsoft’s Adventure, Steve began looking for an online version that would allow him to play with hundreds of other players. This is where he stumbled upon his first Multi-User Dungeon (aka MUD), which was called The Keep. After dabbling in a few other MUDs at the time, he found and made Mirkwood MUD his home for a few years where he established the first version of the Z organization called VampireZ.

A few years shortly after Sudden Season in ’99, Steve began playing Asheron’s Call, an online MMO and competition to Sony’s infamous Everquest. It is here that he began his early career as an online reporter posting news updates for the game on the AC Vault website using the nickname Sprawl.

Over the years, AC Vault, as well as the other Vault sites, was acquired by IGN Entertainment. Sprawl has gone on to provide beta and industry event coverage, exclusive interviews, unique content updates, and breaking news for many of the major IGN sites including FilePlanet, Gamespy, the Vault Network, VE3D, and numerous other IGN holdings. He has also done freelance work for other publications including NCSoft’s Aion Magazine and Beckett’s Massive Online Gamer.

Stephen “Sprawl” Russell always available for hire. View his Professional Work Experience on LinkedIn or head on over to his Mobile App site.


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