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RIFT Pre-Release Preview Review

If you’ve been keeping up with me, I’m the Site Manager over at IGN’s Rift Kingdom. Our staff of seven has now played through six closed beta events and one open beta, which includes 42-levels of gameplay, a half dozen PvE dungeons, and three PvP Warfronts.

Our verdict is that RIFT has enough content to keep the casual player going for a few months alone, so generally unless you are the type that wants to race to the end, there is $50 worth of fun to be had if you enjoyed any of the beta tests.

Still not sure if you should pre-order for the March 1st release? Be sure to sway yourself with the latest issue of Sprawl’s Scrawl.

Sprawl Reviews Dead Space 2 for The Examiner

Sprawl’s Scrawl and The Examiner team up to bring you our latest Game Review of Dead Space 2! I will occasionally be doing gaming reviews for the site, so be sure to click around over there to make our advertisers happy!

Last month, Electronic Arts released Dead Space 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the sci-fi first-person shooter survival horror, which continues the media franchise in its tenth installment that spans two movies, three comic books, and now five video games. Much like our hero precariously stalking down a dark and dank corridor, it can be rather daunting for a new fan to enter the Dead Space universe.

One can’t even begin to talk about Dead Space 2, however, without taking a look at the original. Sure, it isn’t the first piece of lore available in the time line, but it is the original Dead Space game that started it all. Luckily, Steam bundled the original in with the new sequel for a mere $3 during release week. Now that is a price this editor can afford!

Head on over to The Examiner to read the entire review and find out why we gave this Dead Space sequel 4 out of 5 stars!

RIFT KINGDOM: Riftstalker Rogue Tanking in RIFT

Interested in tanking as a Rogue Riftstalker in Trion World’s RIFT? Look no further than the latest issue of Sprawl’s Scrawl that focuses exclusively on the infamous scout tank. This is not your traditional warrior tank that stands in place while absorbing massive amounts of damage. The nimble Riftstalker uses a plethora of teleports and finisher buffs to thwart its foes.

Learn the secrets of tanking as a Riftstalker – what to do and more importantly, what not to do in Sprawl’s Scrawl: Riftstalker Rogue Tanking in RIFT.

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