Dragon Age II continues to deliver seemingly rushed content with the latest DLC entitled Mark of the Assassin. This is an ongoing theme from the critically acclaimed Dragon Age II series. Even the developers have noted that some of the landscape art and content was reused a bit much in the Dragon Age sequel, but unfortunately this was not fixed in the last round of updates where most of our adventure takes place in the forest outside of Kirkwall.

That isn’t to say Mark of the Assassin isn’t worth playing. The fourth of many DLC packages to be available for Dragon Age II, Mark of the Assassin puts you alongside the Queen of Geeks, Felicia Day. If you like millions have a small crush on this gaming hottie, the idea of playing alongside her in a roleplaying game, even if only for a few hours, is worth it.

In this DLC expansion, Felicia stars as a slender female elf assassin named Tallis on a questionable quest, and you the Champion of Kirkwall go against your better judgment to help her infiltrate an Orlesian estate and steal a precious relic. Tallis joins your party as a playable character, and uses throwing daggers as her fighting style.

Of course it pays off in the end, but all the while through this four hour adventure, you find yourself wondering what choice you really have in this “roleplaying game”. Whether you try to take the moral high ground or not, you pretty much are forced to tag along with the Assassin or skip the DLC altogether. Not much of a choice after all.

Really though, who would say no to tramping through the forests with this agile slender redhead anyways? I’m just not sure it was worth $9.99 for such a short tryst, as she does leave your party by the end of the adventure. My recommendation is to wait for Bioware to release an all-in-one edition that will include every one of the DLCs in one affordable discount package.

Graphics: 10 Final Score:

5 / 10

Gameplay: 6
Story: 5
Enjoyment: 7
Replayability: 2