One evening back in 1989, after my father got home from work, we went to a local PC computer user’s group. Our family recently built a PC, and they were showing off a new game called King’s Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella in its full 256 color glory. The first King’s quest was released 6 years prior, but at the age of 10, this was my first memorable graphical roleplaying adventure. Unfortunately, our computer at home couldn’t handle that many colors (we had a green screen), so at that time I still needed to keep dreaming.


It wasn’t much later that King’s Quest V was released and I just had to have it. I begged my parents to purchase me a copy, and I would tag along with my father to his work so I could load King’s Quest V on one of the more powerful systems at the office and play all day. King’s Quest V was truly my very first graphical point-click roleplaying game.
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