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WoW Addon to Remind You to Change Gear

With the addition of War Mode in World of Warcraft, I always wear PvP gear when out and about. This has the unfortunate side effect of me forgetting to change into my PvE DPS gear when entering an instance, especially a Mythic+, where you cannot change your gear after you begin.

To solve this, I wrote a simple addon that merely yells at you when you walk into the instance and raid for the first time. I’ve posted the code below for others, if they are interested.

Update 5/16/2019: You can now download the addon from Curse using the launcher!

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Neverwinter MMO’s Trickster Rogue Skills & Feats

As my three avid fans already know, I generally always play the Rogue stealth class in every game. Obviously I will toy with other classes, but “Sprawl” is always a Rogue, and in Cryptic’s Neverwinter MMO, which just went open beta, things are no different. To anyone starting out, I wanted to share my thoughts in general on the game, as well as specifically dive into the Trickster Rogue class.

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First and foremost, Neverwinter is a pretty dang good MMO for a free-to-play. It certainly has a few “pay to win” attributes for the hardcore player that must min-max everything, but for your casual player, it is easy enough to avoid the temptation to spend a lot of cash on the game. I have to admit, the lure of extra pack and bank space has been hard to resist.

Anyone looking to join Z Guild in Neverwinter merely needs to download the game client and install. The game is in open beta, with no more character wipes scheduled, which essentially means the game has been released with a bunch of bugs still present. For the most part, these bugs aren’t game breaking, although a few can be frustrating at times.
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RIFT KINGDOM: Riftstalker Rogue Tanking in RIFT

Interested in tanking as a Rogue Riftstalker in Trion World’s RIFT? Look no further than the latest issue of Sprawl’s Scrawl that focuses exclusively on the infamous scout tank. This is not your traditional warrior tank that stands in place while absorbing massive amounts of damage. The nimble Riftstalker uses a plethora of teleports and finisher buffs to thwart its foes.

Learn the secrets of tanking as a Riftstalker – what to do and more importantly, what not to do in Sprawl’s Scrawl: Riftstalker Rogue Tanking in RIFT.

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