Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta First Impressions

Whenever we have a new MMO on the horizon, everyone piles there hopes and dreams on what ultimately becomes a letdown next to industry leader World of Warcraft. It is pretty much expected that any game on the horizon is going to pale in comparison, until one day some mythical developer from some mythical land releases the next big thing.

Will Star Wars the Old Republic push the MMO genre forward? No, probably not, but with very few successful MMOs on the market, if anyone can step in and hold their ground, it will be Bioware (with some help from the Force).
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DA2: Questing Alongside Felicia Day

Dragon Age II continues to deliver seemingly rushed content with the latest DLC entitled Mark of the Assassin. This is an ongoing theme from the critically acclaimed Dragon Age II series. Even the developers have noted that some of the landscape art and content was reused a bit much in the Dragon Age sequel, but unfortunately this was not fixed in the last round of updates where most of our adventure takes place in the forest outside of Kirkwall.

That isn’t to say Mark of the Assassin isn’t worth playing. The fourth of many DLC packages to be available for Dragon Age II, Mark of the Assassin puts you alongside the Queen of Geeks, Felicia Day. If you like millions have a small crush on this gaming hottie, the idea of playing alongside her in a roleplaying game, even if only for a few hours, is worth it.
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Game Review: Is id’s Rage all the Rage?

They were wrong. The end of the world was August 23, 2029, when the asteroid hit. The brilliant minds of our time came up with the Ark, vessels buried deep underground. It was supposed to be our salvation. It was our salvation, but not as it was intended.

In id Software’s new first-person shooter Rage, you take on the role of an Ark survivor that awakens in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by humans, mutants, and a lot of devastation. Much to every fanboi’s dismay, Rage is a cross between Fallout 3 and Borderlands with id Software’s own twist and brilliant first-person shooter game play.
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