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Game Review: King’s Quest VGA Remake

Back in 1984, Roberta Williams introduced the world to King’s Quest and began an era of roleplaying games that delighted and entertained me and my friends throughout much of our youth. I still remember my first King’s Quest adventure. My father and I had acquired a copy of King’s Quest V on a stack of 12 floppy disks. Unfortunately, our home computer was just not powerful enough to play the game. I would look forward to days that my father had to work weekends so that I could take trips with him to where they kept the super computers.

Even after all of these years, I have never gone back and played the original King’s Quest game. I’ve played a fair share of all that Sierra, and later Dynamix, had to offer, but not the one that started it all, until this last weekend. Thanks to AGDInteractive Studio and tons of diehard fans, the original game has been remade in full VGA!
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Apple’s iPad 2: A Really Expensive Toy

Everyone is passionate one way or another about Apple products these days. You either love them or hate them and there seems to be no avoiding them. The iPhone continues to grow in popularity, and with over a 3 week wait for the iPad 2, there is no denying the demand for the latest version of Apple’s tablet computer. I recently got my hands on the newest model, and despite being a huge fan of the iPhone, I struggle to justify the purchase of the iPad.

Besides the obvious size difference, everything that I can do with the iPhone, I can do with the iPad. There is no denying the convenience when it comes to reading and surfing the web, but does this really justify throwing down $600 to $900 plus money spent for accessories? Absolutely not, but that didn’t stop me from doing it anyways. Cost and justification aside though, it really is a fun toy. Make no mistake, that if these were available for around $200 each, I would quickly recommend the iPad to all my friends as well as have a few lying around the house.

Nevertheless, it really is amazing how far technology has come, and the number of things that can be done with the latest iDevice out of Silicon Valley. Popularity of the iPad has given life to an otherwise slow tablet market, spurring a lot of competition, and with it, innovation.

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RIFT Pre-Release Preview Review

If you’ve been keeping up with me, I’m the Site Manager over at IGN’s Rift Kingdom. Our staff of seven has now played through six closed beta events and one open beta, which includes 42-levels of gameplay, a half dozen PvE dungeons, and three PvP Warfronts.

Our verdict is that RIFT has enough content to keep the casual player going for a few months alone, so generally unless you are the type that wants to race to the end, there is $50 worth of fun to be had if you enjoyed any of the beta tests.

Still not sure if you should pre-order for the March 1st release? Be sure to sway yourself with the latest issue of Sprawl’s Scrawl.

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