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Apple’s iPad 2: A Really Expensive Toy

Everyone is passionate one way or another about Apple products these days. You either love them or hate them and there seems to be no avoiding them. The iPhone continues to grow in popularity, and with over a 3 week wait for the iPad 2, there is no denying the demand for the latest version of Apple’s tablet computer. I recently got my hands on the newest model, and despite being a huge fan of the iPhone, I struggle to justify the purchase of the iPad.

Besides the obvious size difference, everything that I can do with the iPhone, I can do with the iPad. There is no denying the convenience when it comes to reading and surfing the web, but does this really justify throwing down $600 to $900 plus money spent for accessories? Absolutely not, but that didn’t stop me from doing it anyways. Cost and justification aside though, it really is a fun toy. Make no mistake, that if these were available for around $200 each, I would quickly recommend the iPad to all my friends as well as have a few lying around the house.

Nevertheless, it really is amazing how far technology has come, and the number of things that can be done with the latest iDevice out of Silicon Valley. Popularity of the iPad has given life to an otherwise slow tablet market, spurring a lot of competition, and with it, innovation.

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Sprawl Reviews Dead Space 2 for The Examiner

Sprawl’s Scrawl and The Examiner team up to bring you our latest Game Review of Dead Space 2! I will occasionally be doing gaming reviews for the site, so be sure to click around over there to make our advertisers happy!

Last month, Electronic Arts released Dead Space 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the sci-fi first-person shooter survival horror, which continues the media franchise in its tenth installment that spans two movies, three comic books, and now five video games. Much like our hero precariously stalking down a dark and dank corridor, it can be rather daunting for a new fan to enter the Dead Space universe.

One can’t even begin to talk about Dead Space 2, however, without taking a look at the original. Sure, it isn’t the first piece of lore available in the time line, but it is the original Dead Space game that started it all. Luckily, Steam bundled the original in with the new sequel for a mere $3 during release week. Now that is a price this editor can afford!

Head on over to The Examiner to read the entire review and find out why we gave this Dead Space sequel 4 out of 5 stars!

First-Look Review of DC Universe Online

You would be doing yourself a huge disservice to quickly write off DC Universe Online (DCUO) as another spandex superhero game. Sure, it is that at the basis, but there are some key distinctions that set DCUO apart, making it the next evolution (or mutation) in superhero online games.

One can’t even begin to review DCUO without immediately comparing it to the other two superhero MMO games: City of Heroes and Champions Online, so let’s take a quick look at some history.
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