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E3 2010: Day Two Impressions

We begin our second day of E3 2010 after another $30 for parking. We couldn’t help but notice the huge sign draped over the entrance for DC Universe, so we decided to visit Sony’s booth to start our day. These guys know how to do E3 right. Their booth was comprised of a public gaming area for all of their online games, as well as private areas for media to get more intimate hands on. They also have a second floor balcony lounge and free drinks, which is a huge plus! Due to our own stupidity, we missed the DC Universe presentation, and had to reschedule, but we got to check out some of the other cool online games Sony has to offer in the private area. While all the usual Everquests and associated spin-offs were there, Free Realms and The Agency: Covert Ops were two that stood out.

We also got a chance to see Star Wars: The Old Republic, Lord of the Rings Online, End of Nations, and some of the new Imports from Asia, so read on for our impressions.
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E3 2010: Exclusive Trailers

Wishing you were at this year’s E3? Now you can watch all of the exclusive videos being premiered for all your favorite MMOs and RPGs in High Definition from the comfort of your home.

Senior IGN Correspondent Sprawl has sifted through all the press kits and media, uploaded all the new videos, and put them in once place here on the Vault for you to peruse. Be sure to check back regularly for updates throughout the week.

Our favorite was the Hope Trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. What is yours?

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E3 2010: Day One Coverage

I have the pleasure of living near E3, so this year, IGN Entertainment chose me to help them with the MMO and RPG coverage for the vault. Therefore everything posted can be found at, so please go check it out! Obviously they want the ad revenue from your clicks.

My buddy Brent has family that lives in the area, so I brought him along, crashed on his couch, and hit up the convention center all for the cost of parking… Read more

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