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First-Look Review of DC Universe Online

You would be doing yourself a huge disservice to quickly write off DC Universe Online (DCUO) as another spandex superhero game. Sure, it is that at the basis, but there are some key distinctions that set DCUO apart, making it the next evolution (or mutation) in superhero online games.

One can’t even begin to review DCUO without immediately comparing it to the other two superhero MMO games: City of Heroes and Champions Online, so let’s take a quick look at some history.
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IGN ~ RIFT: The Closed Beta Experience

This last weekend, thousands of lucky players were invited to take part in the Closed Beta 2 event for RIFT that focused on the Guardian faction. At the time, there was a big fat NDA, however, the NDA has dropped on RIFT and beta testers are now free to share their experiences, which to some of us seems to be a no brainer.

Be sure to check out my article over at IGN’s Rift Kingdom called RIFT: The Closed Beta Experience. You can also read on for some exclusive screenshots.
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IGN’s RIFT KINGDOM: Participate & Win VIP Beta!

Recently I was fortunate enough to be asked to represent IGN for their new site called the Rift Kingdom. We are running a pretty huge contest. Drop on over for a very high chance to win!

Are you looking to get your hands on the highly coveted VIP beta key for RIFT? This isn’t one of those puny community keys that give you a chance to get into beta, these are the VIP keys that will get you into the remaining beta weekend events… guaranteed!

So how do you have a chance to win one of our hundreds of beta keys? Simple! Participate around IGN’s Rift Kingdom from between now and the end of beta for a chance to have a key randomly sent to you. There is no rhyme or reason to the distribution. The more you participate, the better chance of winning!

So register at IGN’s Rift Kingdom and begin posting on our forums, updating our wiki, and submitting screenshots.

We have over 200 VIP keys and will be giving out VIP keys like hotcakes, especially this weekend, so now is the chance to get involved in the IGN and RIFT communities.

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