With the addition of War Mode in World of Warcraft, I always wear PvP gear when out and about. This has the unfortunate side effect of me forgetting to change into my PvE DPS gear when entering an instance, especially a Mythic+, where you cannot change your gear after you begin.

To solve this, I wrote a simple addon that merely yells at you when you walk into the instance and raid for the first time. I’ve posted the code below for others, if they are interested.

Update 5/16/2019: You can now download the addon from Curse using the launcher!

All you need to do is create a folder in your World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns called “changeGear”. Inside this folder, place two text files: changeGear.toc and changeGear.lua.

Here is changeGear.toc:

## Title: Change Gear Reminder
## Interface: 80100
## Author: Sprawl
## Notes: "Reminds you to change your clothing for Mythics/Raids!"
## Version: 0.2.0
## May 13, 2019

And here is changeGear.lua:

--Creating changeGear
local changeGear = CreateFrame("FRAME", "changeGear");

--Configuring changeGear
local function reminder()
    local zoneName = GetRealZoneText();
    if ((zoneName ~= "Town Hall") and (zoneName ~= "Lunarfall") 
 and (zoneName ~= nil)) then
        message("Put on your PvE Gear!");
local function eventHandler(self, event, ...)
     if (event == "PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD" ) then
         local inInstance, instanceType = IsInInstance();
         if ((instanceType == 'party') or (instanceType == 'raid')) then
             C_Timer.After(2, reminder);
changeGear:SetScript("OnEvent", eventHandler);

That’s it!

Hope it helps someone.