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Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta First Impressions

Whenever we have a new MMO on the horizon, everyone piles there hopes and dreams on what ultimately becomes a letdown next to industry leader World of Warcraft. It is pretty much expected that any game on the horizon is going to pale in comparison, until one day some mythical developer from some mythical land releases the next big thing.

Will Star Wars the Old Republic push the MMO genre forward? No, probably not, but with very few successful MMOs on the market, if anyone can step in and hold their ground, it will be Bioware (with some help from the Force).
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Cinematic

The NDA is still in full effect, which means I can not share much with you regarding Star Wars: the Old Republic, yet. Hopefully it will be lifted sometime soon during the upcoming beta weekends. For now, check out the intro cinematic. It is better than Episodes 1, 2, and 3 combined!

I plan on pre-ordering.

Game Review: King’s Quest VGA Remake

Back in 1984, Roberta Williams introduced the world to King’s Quest and began an era of roleplaying games that delighted and entertained me and my friends throughout much of our youth. I still remember my first King’s Quest adventure. My father and I had acquired a copy of King’s Quest V on a stack of 12 floppy disks. Unfortunately, our home computer was just not powerful enough to play the game. I would look forward to days that my father had to work weekends so that I could take trips with him to where they kept the super computers.

Even after all of these years, I have never gone back and played the original King’s Quest game. I’ve played a fair share of all that Sierra, and later Dynamix, had to offer, but not the one that started it all, until this last weekend. Thanks to AGDInteractive Studio and tons of diehard fans, the original game has been remade in full VGA!
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