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VE3D Exclusive: First Look at Vindictus

I’ve recently been playing Nexon’s upcoming MMORPG, Vindictus. This game was released last January in Korea under the name Mabinogi Heroes, and is currently in closed beta testing for the United States. The game was heavily showcased at E3 earlier this year, where I first got to try it out. It was obvious from the get go that a lot of work has been done since then as they prepare for launch later this year, followed by a launch in China most likely in early 2011.

Vindictus is actually a prequel to the Korean game Mabinogi Fantasy Life, and features some of the pre-storyline that leads up the events in that game. I would guess most of you haven’t even heard of the game, so let’s not spend too much time on the backstory.

Head on over to Voodoo Extreme 3D to read the entire first-look or continue on to view screenshots.
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Bloodline Champions Beta Preview [HD]

Here are two rounds of skirmishes in a 3v3 “best of four” match in Stunlock Studios’ Bloodline Champions, which is currently in its third phase of beta testing. This video shows some of the in-game combat complete with my annotated commentary.

A special thanks to guys at TGN Stratics for getting me beta access to this fun game. They are currently looking for help to maintain their plethora of wikis. No, it won’t be a WoW killer anytime soon, but if you are looking for a fun pvp-based diversion, then Bloodline Champions might be worth looking into. If you aren’t sure, be sure to watch the video for a quick overview of what to expect when the game goes live.

WoW Cataclysm: The Combat Rogue

The history of the Rogue is long and somewhat boring to be honest. We’ve always managed to be one of the most powerful classes throughout the history of World of Warcraft mostly due to the “stealth factor”. Our ability to surprise our enemies and choose our fights has generally compensated for any of the deficiencies of the class throughout the years. This appears to be changing come Cataclysm, where surprise just can’t beat a whole boatload of stamina. As such, the developers have given the Rogue a number of new tricks to their arsenal in order to turn us into more of a light nimble hand-to-hand fighter rather than a surprise from the shadows assassin.

The first move that stood out immediately for me was Recuperate. This is a new finishing move, which means it requires combo points. The more combo points you spend, the more health it heals. You basically can trade your combo points for a very respectable HoT (heal over time), that can be further improved with a damage reduction bonus through talent points. For anyone that has played a Rogue, the thought of trading damage for healing seems almost unfathomable. It will be interesting to see if in the long run many Rogues opt to use this ability, or ignore it.

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