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LaunchKit is GREAT for App Screenshots

As any developer who has submitted an App to the iTunes store can attest, it can be tedious to get your final submission perfect. You must generate dozens of icons and screenshots, each for the various iOS devices that you support. I blogged a bit about this in the past.

Recently I stumbled upon a site called LaunchKit that has drastically simplified the time it takes for me to create a set of screenshots. Simply upload one or more screenshots from any iOS device, and their clever web interface will put it into a template that looks like:

4-inch (iPhone 5) - Screenshot 1

You can choose between having the text at the top or bottom, and toggle a few colors and fonts as well. It is quite simple but also quite genius. By framing your screenshot in a picture of an iPhone, they do not need to worry about the different aspect ratios for each of the phone sizes. Unfortunately though, they do not yet support iPad or Landscape orientation, but it’s a great start!

If you’re looking for a simple way to create a few screenshots without the need of Photoshop, check out LaunchKit.

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