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AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Published on November 1st, 2013

I took the day off today to tackle the Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect certification. I am bound by NDA not to share exam questions, but alas, if you actually know your stuff, these questions are not rocket surgery.

According to the exam blueprint, the exam itself is 60% focused on VPC, and that means you really need a strong background in networking. If you have a Network+ or at least the equivalent knowledge, security groups and ACL’s shouldn’t be too much different then subnetting, routing, and firewalling.

Overall I found the exam to be a good primer into the power of AWS, especially how it changes the landscape of virtualization. While the sysadmin in me will miss buying big expensive hardware, there is value in horizontal computing indeed.

At the day job, I’m a VMware Certified Professional in charge of managing a myriad of employees. While we focus on private cloud solutions, extending these private clouds into the world’s largest, biggest, and baddest public cloud can make for a pretty cool environment indeed.

Preparing for the certification is as simple as reading a ton of white papers and building your own dev lab. Personally, I focused on migrating my personal website, or a portion of it, to Amazon as my dev project, which can be found at http://zguild.org. CBTNuggets also has a great video series if you have the cash to spend. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the official Amazon Training Course as no one wanted to send me to San Francisco.

All I have left to do now is figure out how to merge a good iPhone App with AWS… hmmmmm…

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