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VCP5 Flashcard zApp Updated for vSphere 5.1

Published on June 17th, 2013

Most VCPs agree that it is a bit silly to have to memorize the configuration maximums since they change with each new major or even minor release of vSphere; however, that doesn’t stop VMware from requiring you to memorize a good 100 different values for the exam. Thus the need for this zApp, flashcards on the go! Once you’ve learned the concepts, all that is left is to cram these numbers into your head long enough to pass the exam. After all, would you purchase new hosts or storage devices without validating your configuration? If you are spending thousands of dollars based on your memory, you are doing something wrong.

Anyhow, the VCP5 zApp has been officially updated for the VCP 5.1 exam. There aren’t a ton of changes, but enough that the latest zApp will give you that extra edge for the exam. If you are planning on getting or renewing your certification, this cheap zApp could save you hundreds of dollars on a test retake.

Download the VCP5 zApp Flashcards today from the iTunes store for a low price of $1.99.

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