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Demotivate v2.3 to Celebrate 1000 Downloads

Demotivate has only been out for this new Mobile Developer for roughly two weeks, and already, we’ve hit the 1000 new downloads mark. To celebrate, I’ve updated Demotivate drastically to improve camera support and fix the aspect ratio issue so prevalent in other Demotivational Apps on the iTunes Store. This version of Demotivate brings new auto-cropping and dynamic resizing features to the zApp and the iPad version now sports a slick quick preview screen that makes use of all that extra real estate.

Here are the update notes:

• Improved Aspect Ratio Support.
• Added Auto-Cropping Feature.
• Optimized Landscape Photo Gallery Access.
• Improved dynamic resizing algorithms.

• Improved Landscape and iPad layout.
• Added a Quick Photo Preview section to iPad version.
• Added background textures.

• Added support for backwards compatibility with iOS4
• Updated splash screens.
• Added iPad splash screens.
• Upgraded the Help information.
• Optimized code to reduce file size by 21%.
• Statusbar now visible.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a rare display bug after orientation change.
• Fixed numerous bugs with iAds.
• Removed a bunch of flickers after flip animation.
• 150% more Demotivation added!

We have a ton of new features on the horizon, including support for “The New iPad” coming up next week, but don’t wait. Download the Demotivate zApp today!

About the Author: Sprawl

Stephen Russell is a Mobile App developer and all around IT geek that spends his days running data centers and his nights coding. This site is the go to place for all of zSprawl's work and the infamous development blog. In his free time, he enjoys tinkering with web code, playing video games, and otherwise plotting to take over the Internets.


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