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IGN: RIFT’s Closed Beta 5 Impressions

As you may or may not already know, I am the current Site Manager for IGN’s Rift Kingdom. Closed beta 5 for RIFT is currently underway, and I thought I would take a few minutes during the current server downtime to reflect on the new stuff so far. We are currently on the second day of the most widely available beta so far, and the developers are applying the second update to help improve stability and performance.

For people that participated in the earlier betas, a lot of the existing content remains the same. The starter area plus the first two faction specific zones are full of new players. Trion has opened up a ton of new servers and a new shared zone called the Scarlet Gorge, which includes a new dungeon and an increased level cap from 27 to 30, as well as a whole lot of polish.

Read more over at IGN’s Rift Kingdom or stay here and view my screenshots from the event.

Grand Opening of New IGN Site for RIFT

Yesterday was the grand opening of the new IGN Rift Kingdom, your one stop shop for everything RIFT. If you are new to the game, RIFT is an upcoming MMO game from Trion Worlds, tentatively scheduled for early 2011, with a beta upcoming in a few weeks. Be sure to swing by our Wiki for more information on the game and to get acquainted with the elaborate backstory of dark magic, betrayal, and war.

IGN’s Rift Kingdom is run by some of the same people you know and love from the Vault with yours truly at the helm as Site Manager. That’s right IGN fans, the same hard work and dedication that you’ve been accustomed to around the Vault Network has now jumped on over to IGN-proper to bring you the latest news, killer gaming guides, and one of the most comprehensive Wikis found anywhere in Telara!

Make no mistake, this site is Powered by Sprawl’s Scrawl and we can certainly use your support. Contact me if you plan on playing RIFT and are looking to help out!

Epic Citadel, the Unreal Engine on the iPhone

Who hasn’t heard of Unreal, the trilogy of shooters from Epic Games that took the world by storm back in the late 90’s and finally gave ID Software, then leader and front-runner of the still maturing shooter genre, something to be worried about? Since then, Epic Games has gone to release two additional Unreal games, and the underlining game engine has been licensed to a dozen top-tier gaming companies.

Start Screen

In fact, these days, Epic is perhaps better known for the wide success of its Unreal game engines, which includes a full suite of graphic rendering, gaming physics, and sound processing. By licensing an Unreal engine, developers can then focus on gaming content rather than the underlining functions that make a first-person or even a third-person game function. The Unreal Engine 3 has gone on to be the most widely licensed engine of the three and is used in both Epic’s own games, such as Gears of War, as well as other blockbuster hits. Perhaps you didn’t know it, but Mass Effect, Borderlands, All Points Bulletin, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Mirror’s Edge, and a number of the Tom Clancy games all license and use Epic’s gaming engine.
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