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More RIFT Coverage in Beckett’s Magazine

We hope that you’ve finally subscribed to Beckett’s Massive Online Gamer because the last two issues feature exclusive RIFT information from yours truly. The July/August issue of the MOG features a three-way discussion between a few of us writers on the fate of RIFT. The cool issue, however, is really the September/October issue, which features an interview with the General Manager of RIFT – Scott Hartsman!

If anyone has had the pleasure of meeting Scott, they can attest that he is a pretty cool guy whose gaming experience goes way back to “the beginning”. As a former text-based online gamer, it is refreshing to see a fellow gamer who has turned his passion into a career. Be sure to check out your local newsstand for the latest issue.

Examiner Article is Posted on Dragon Age II

Bioware’s Dragon Age II is officially released this Tuesday, and already hundreds of thousands of fans have pre-ordered the game in anticipation. As a small tease to those that can’t wait, a demo was released late last month giving players a small taste of what they can expect from the latest update to the Dragon Age franchise.

Of course, I immediately downloaded the demo and played it multiple times through so that I could give the readers of the Examiner a preview of what to expect later this week. Head on over and read my second article for the Examiner simply called Game Preview: Dragon Age II

RIFT Pre-Release Preview Review

If you’ve been keeping up with me, I’m the Site Manager over at IGN’s Rift Kingdom. Our staff of seven has now played through six closed beta events and one open beta, which includes 42-levels of gameplay, a half dozen PvE dungeons, and three PvP Warfronts.

Our verdict is that RIFT has enough content to keep the casual player going for a few months alone, so generally unless you are the type that wants to race to the end, there is $50 worth of fun to be had if you enjoyed any of the beta tests.

Still not sure if you should pre-order for the March 1st release? Be sure to sway yourself with the latest issue of Sprawl’s Scrawl.

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