While gaming and being a computer geek doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, I’m going to guess that my three regular readers are all interested in computer hardware and technology in general. If you typically visit Sprawl’s Scrawl for the usual gaming previews, reviews, and beta coverage, then perhaps you’ll want to skip this article, but if you are like me, your monthly power bill is a bit shameful.

Did you know that you can still have multiple computers and be conscious of your power bill? This starts simply by shutting down your machines at night, or at the very least, having them go to sleep. Obviously, when you aren’t gaming, it is pretty easy to set your system to hibernate. A regular 200-watt system will drop to a mere 2 watts of power usage while sleeping. This is a huge difference, and a huge savings. Let’s calculate assuming a nice round 20 cents per kilowatt-hour.

200 watts * 24 hrs * 30 days / 1000 watts = 61.2kWhr * $0.20 = $28.80 a month

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