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WoW Vault Cataclysm Beta Video Coverage

WoW Vault and Sprawl’s Scrawl team up to bring you one new 1080p HD video from World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm beta test per day. Be sure to check back at my Sprawl’s Scrawl youTube channel for updates throughout the month.

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Game Review: Devil May Cry 4

I was asked months ago to review this game for an X-box review site, but never completed the game. If it is such a great game, then why is it that I struggled for so long to finish it? Devil May Cry 4 is Capcom’s latest in the line of “extreme combat” action games. For those that have followed the storyline up until now, there is a new protagonist named Nero that brings with him a “demon claw” to add to the over-the-top weapon combat that characterizes this line of games. Don’t worry, Dante is still around, and players get to play as both Nero and Dante throughout the 20 primary missions available in Devil May Cry 4.

What immediately caught my eye with Devil May Cry 4 is that there is a Direct X 10 version for the PC that obviously wasn’t available for the console systems. Cranked all the way to the full 1920×1200, the graphics in this game look pretty dang amazing; especially considering this game was released back in 2008. Two years is a long time in the world of technology. My Core2Duo and GTX275 were able to handle all the settings pumped to the max, although someone should let Capcom know that they need to lay off the bloom lightning effects a little. It makes certain areas of the game look washed out.
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Game Review: Assassin’s Creed II

After 38 straight hours of Assassin’s Creed II… haha, just kidding. After 38 hours of Assassin’s Creed II over the last few months, I have finally completed all 14 chapters of this single-player action adventure with a 97% rating. As anyone who has played either of the two Assassin’s games knows, Ubisoft loves to put random treasure hunts and grinds within their games in order to get what they refer to as extended replay value. Personally, I refuse to do these exercises in futility all the while teasing my best friend because “he must” complete them. For example, there are 100 random feathers hidden throughout all six areas of the game. I only found 21 of them in my travels.

Assassin's Creed II Cover

There were a number of “collect type” quests that I did complete, but these were all ingrained within the story, and I did not feel as though they were a chore to complete. I really enjoyed the six Assassin’s Tomb side-quests. They played a lot like Ubisoft’s sister game Prince of Persia, where crazy acrobatics wins you the prize. Completing all six of these dungeons also unlocks the best armor in the game, so it is well worth the trouble. As someone who never goes out of his way to complete “senseless quests”, I was really shocked and pleased to find that I had completed 97% of the game. The developers did a great job of leading you through a story while making you feel like you were calling the shots the entire time.

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